The Schinkelkwartier is an inner-city development in the southwest of the city, on the border of Nieuw-West and Amsterdam-South. The Schinkelkwartier is bordered on the south by the A10 and A4. The Schinkelhaven sub-area is the only sub-area within the ring road. Traditionally, the area has mainly been a business location for companies and institutions that mainly needed a lot of space. And you see that. Beautiful and less beautiful sheds and sturdy halls.


Our vision

The location of the Schinkelkwartier is very strategic and that makes it an interesting place to live and work. The proximity of the Ring, close to Schiphol. But also: directly adjacent to old city districts and beautiful water and greenery. Plenty of opportunities to make it a popular location. Planning with the Schinkelkwartier? We are happy to think along with you.

The task

The Schinkelkwartier promises to become a sustainable urban district with 11,000 homes for approximately 22,000 inhabitants and an additional 44,500 jobs. This size development is subdivided into 6 sub-areas, namely;

  • Riekerpark
  • Sloterstrip
  • Nieuwe Meer West & Nieuwe Meer Oost, samen: Innovatiedistrict Nieuwe Meer
  • De Plantijn

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