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Buying a house in Amsterdam Zuidoost

Southeast has more than 85,000 inhabitants and has an area of more than 22 km². Neighborhoods and districts in Amsterdam-Zuidoost are Gaasperdam; with the neighborhoods Holendrecht, Nellestein, Reigersbos and Gein, Venserpolder; which lies in the north against Diemen and Duivendrecht, the Bijlmer; with the neighborhoods Bijlmer-Centrum, D-buurt, F-buurt, H-buurt, E-buurt, Gbuurt, K-buurt and Amstel III / Bullewijk (offices/business area with the Amsterdam Arena and the AMC). The Bijlmermeer is the oldest district in the district.

Advantages of living in Amsterdam Southeast

Southeast is a gem that is still too often underestimated. ‘Southeast?! You don't want to live there, do you?’ But you do want that! There is plenty of development in this part of Amsterdam, which means that you can be provided with all the comforts of new construction. The beating heart of Zuidoost can be found in the ‘Poort’ right next to the well-known Amsterdam Arena and AFAS Live. Not annoying either; you are in the middle of the city in no time. There are many public transport hubs in Southeast such as: Amsterdam Bijlmer ArenA and Amsterdam Holendrecht. The Duivendrecht and Diemen Zuid stations are not located in Amsterdam Southeast, but play an important role as a transfer station on the bus lines, and are within walking distance of parts of Amsterdam Southeast.

Value houses for sale in Amsterdam Southeast

Southeast is ‘booming’, prices have risen sharply in recent times. Yet you can purchase a beautiful apartment or house in this part of Amsterdam for a reasonable price. Ideal for starters.

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Amsterdam Zuidoost fun facts

Amsterdam Southeast has grown into an extremely versatile part of Amsterdam. In Southeast you will find diverse cultures, many parks and numerous facilities. The center of Amsterdam is of course easy to reach from Southeast, but you really have everything around the corner here. With this you can think of; The Amsterdamse Poort, the Kwaku Festival, the Nelson Mandela Park and much more. The new face of Zuidoost cannot be underestimated anymore!

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Parking in Amsterdam Zuidoost

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