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Buying a home in Amsterdam New West

Nieuw-West is a district within the municipality of Amsterdam. The district was established as a sub-municipality in 2010 and is a merger of the former districts of Geuzenveld/Slotermeer, Slotervaart and Osdorp. Nieuw-West is the largest and greenest part of Amsterdam. The area is very diverse and has a wide range when it comes to relaxation. From the Molen van Sloten, the Sloterplas, the Sloterpark to various catering establishments; Nieuw-West is absolutely worth it.

Advantages of living in Amsterdam New West

If you have always dreamed of living in a loft, apartment or house, then Nieuw West is the ideal place for you to delve into the purchase of a home. Grab a terrace or do the last shopping before you go to dinner, drink a delicious cup of coffee, it's all possible, both on foot or by bike. In Nieuw West you will find schools, a library, cinema and theatre, shops and nature. In the coming years, all kinds of new developments will only make the neighborhood even more fun.

Value houses for sale in New West

Nieuw West is on the rise, prices have risen sharply in recent times. Yet you can purchase a beautiful apartment or house in this part of Amsterdam for a reasonable price. Ideal for starters.

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