Water lovers beware! Right on the IJ, NoordBaak is coming. Four residential buildings forming the beacon of NDSM. In this unique spot, you can enjoy the special Dutch skies and the spectacle that takes place on the water in all four seasons: dancing seagulls, a sporty sailor, drinking friends in a sloop, a cruise ship on its way to the other side of the world. If you live on the IJ, life is never boring. The ground floor of NoordBaak will house various facilities for residents and the neighbourhood. The apartments for sale are located right on the IJ.

NoordBaak consists of four residential buildings, designed in sturdy red brick and playful height accents and design details. In total, there will be a mix of 207 owner-occupied and rental apartments. The bustle of NoordBaak is on the IJ, with commercial facilities on the ground floor flowing into the boardwalk and the water. Tranquillity can be found in the courtyard garden. Where you can meet your neighbours or enjoy a good book. In NoordBaak, you can go either way. Two of the four residential buildings consist of owner-occupied apartments. The other apartments are offered in social, mid priced and private sector rental.

Interested in an apartment for yourself, your partner or your child? The De Groote Kaap and De Kleine Kaap residential buildings offer luxurious two-, three- and four-bedroom apartments with private outdoor spaces. From your home and balcony, you have a direct view of the IJ and the historic city centre. The living areas vary between 47 m2 and 90 m2. The 15 apartments in De Kleine Kaap residential building and 56 apartments in De Groote Kaap residential building are expected to go on sale in May 2023. Construction of NoordBaak is scheduled to start next September and completion in 2025. Are you interested in one of the apartments for sale in NoordBaak? Then register now via the project website, we will keep you informed.

NoordBaak scores high on sustainability. There will be a hybrid Heat and Cold Storage (CHS) system consisting of district heating and well struck CHS. All apartments in De Groote Kaap and De Kleine Kaap will be heated with a heat pump. This gives you not only underfloor heating but also cooling, without using fossil fuels. A heat recovery unit extracts residual heat from the building's ventilation air and reuses it to heat the apartment. Solar panels (owned by the VVE) provide energy for the general facilities and car park. The green courtyard garden provides extra cooling in summer and a relaxing habitat for people, plants and animals alike.

All apartments are delivered with a complete modern bathroom with luxury sanitary ware. The purchase price of the apartments also includes an amount for a kitchen with built-in appliances. The kitchen can be customised in the showroom of the supplier Gévier. And all 3-room apartments have an indoor storage room.

Below the courtyard garden, on the ground floor, there will be a small-scale car park with a total of 30 parking spaces. The garage can be accessed via Mt. Lincolnweg. All NoordBaak homes will have access to the collective bicycle shed.

The nature-inclusive garden will be on the first floor of NoordBaak. It will be the social engine of NoordBaak. The floor galleries will provide interaction between residents. Here there is peace and quiet, lee and sun, here there is room to meet and be together. The garden will be a special, compact and pleasant green court in the heart of NoordBaak, next to the bustle of the wharf on one side and the IJ on the other. A good mix between liveliness and relaxation.

The advantages of a green courtyard garden are:

  • a purifying effect on water and air
  • a contribution to biodiversity
  • a greening of the living environment in urban areas
  • limiting effect on the warming of cities and the immediate surroundings

De Groote Kaap:
- 1 bedroom apartments of approximately 50 m2. Purchase prices from € 279,000 - to approximately € 352,000, based on an annual index ground rent or canon (perpetual ground lease).
- 2 and 3 bedroom apartments approximately 63 m2 to 90 m2. Purchase prices from € 387,000.00 to € 555,000.00 v.o.n. on the basis of an annual index ground rent or canon (perpetual ground lease)
De Kleine Kaap:
- 2 bedroom apartments from around 70 m2. Purchase prices starting from € 433,000 to € 468,000, based on an annual index ground rent or canon (perpetual ground lease).

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