Living in a healthy environment.  More light, air and space. Between green and on
the water. On an island near the city, where every day feels like a holiday. With modern comfort and 100% durability. In ‘IJgenwijs’ all your wishes come true on Centrumeiland. Let yourself be surprised!

There are two more apartments and a large maisonette available.

Small scale

The small-scale new-build complex IJgenwijs will be realized in the heart of the Center Island. A new part of IJburg with beautiful architecture, squares and squares and car-free streets.  At this unique location, surrounded by the water of the IJmeer, it is right for the beach and left for everything IJburg and of course Amsterdam have to offer.
The approximately 34 sustainable and energy-efficient homes will vary in size and type, with dimensions from 62 m2 to more than 150 m2. All houses have a garden or spacious outdoor space. There is also a common outdoor area on the ground floor. The houses are well oriented towards the sun.
Specials are also possible such as a home-work home, cohabitation with a caregiver (or child) who can live independently or a penthouse with extra high ceilings.


Your energy costs are also low due to the sustainable design with an exceptional Energy Performance Coefficient (EPC) of -0.3. To determine this value, only the energy consumption that is directly related to the building, such as insulation, heating and cooling, ventilation and lighting, is measured. An EPC of 0 means that the building is energy neutral. In the case of IJgenwijs, the building even stores more energy than it consumes.
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