With the plans for Port-City in the northwest of Amsterdam, industry is making room for homes and businesses. The plan area covers a large part of both banks of the IJ and is divided into 12 sub-areas. From Sloterdijk on the one hand to Molenwijk on the other.

Our vision

The name of the district says it all; Port “City”. The ambition is to create more than just a district here. Everything that makes life in a bustling city so attractive, people want to create here. So you don't actually have to leave the neighborhood anymore. A very ambitious plan! But how do you ensure that a new neighborhood is immediately attractive and how do you create the very best hotspots? With the Westerpark and the IJ as the center of the district, there is more than enough ammunition to create something beautiful. Public transport or alternative forms of mobility are a point of attention, especially with the strict parking standards in the area.


The Port City must provide space for 70,000 homes and 58,000 jobs. Important core values for the neighborhood are sustainability, mobility, living/working and social. Only one in five households will have a parking space and there will be a metro connection with Sloterdijk/Central station.

The 12 sub-areas of Port City

Sloterdijk I
Noorder IJ-plas
Coen- en Vlothaven
Melkweg Oostzanerwerf
Cornelis Douwes 0-1
Cornelis Douwes 2-3
Sportpark Transformatorweg en Amsterbaken
Zaanstraat Emplacement: van barrière naar verbinding

The first projects at Sloterdijk have already been completed, but the total plan runs until at least 2040.

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From our office in Amsterdam west we are located with Hallie & Van Klooster Makelaardij close to the fire. The projects at the Houthaven are now almost completed and it is time for the next step in the northwestern part of Amsterdam. Curious about what we can do for your project? Contact us.