The Delflandplein turns Blau!
66 luxury owner-occupied apartments in the middle of the city

Delft prides itself on it, but you can't live in tiles. In the Amsterdam Blau yes and how!? Luxury apartments in a beautiful location. A lively neighborhood with cozy bars, trendy restaurants, green parks and much more. All urban facilities within walking distance and the Amsterdam city center not far away.


The building
and the residences

Blau has 13 floors. At the very top are the exclusive penthouses. You will find 4 luxury apartments on the 12th floor. Spacious 2 and 3-room apartments will be built on the 2 to 11 floors. The office of De Nijs will be located on the 1st floor. On the ground floor there is room for shops and restaurants and a large bicycle shed with space for no less than 220 two-wheelers. There will be approximately 450 parking spaces for the car under the A10 ring road.

  • 4-room penthouses of over 120 m² with outdoor areas of over 60 m²
  • 4 luxury 2 and 3-room apartments of 52 or 92 m² with large balconies of over 40 m²
  • 2 and 3-room apartments ranging from approx. 57 to 76 m² with comfortable outdoor areas

Delfland Square

The square is the heart of the Delflandpleinbuurt, an area in the Amsterdam Nieuw-West district. Take advantage of cozy catering tents, practically handy supermarkets and fine specialty shops when you step out the door. Thanks to urban renewal, the square is on the rise and is the lively center of the district. The public space of Delflandplein and the surrounding streets will be renovated. There are plans to build new homes, businesses and retail properties. Some of these plans have already been implemented. Buying and renting on Delflandplein is therefore a smart investment.

Blue on the ring,
in the center of the city

Few places in Amsterdam are more accessible than Blau on Delflandplein. How could it be otherwise with the A10 ring road around the corner and public transport within walking distance. The bus, tram and metro can all be found here within a radius of a few hundred meters. Even Lelylaan train station is not far away. And as a real Amsterdammer you always have your bike. Within 10 minutes you are in the Vondelpark or at the Sloterplas. Delflandplein is also located near the cozy and always lively Hoofddorppleinbuurt.

The surroundings of Blau are… green!

The Sloterplas, the Oeverlanden, the Nieuwe Meer, the Vondelpark or the Rembrandtpark. From Blau you are spoiled for choice. So much greenery in your neighborhood benefits the quality of life and certainly gives you every opportunity to enjoy, exercise or walk in the fresh air, especially when the weather is nice. Would you rather look for an even larger nature reserve? Take the ferry from the Oeverlanden to the beautiful Amsterdam forest. Enjoy the beautiful blossoms in the blossom park there in the spring.

  1. Hoofddorpplein neighbourhood
  2. Vondelpark
  3. Rembrandt Park

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