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Top-Up offers 28 living and working lofts in the Buiksloterham. The building provides a special combination of raw industrial concrete and modern architecture. The building is flexible and circular: the function of the building can change and the building materials can be reused.

Raw and stylized

Industrial heritage, right on the Johan van Hasselt Canal, forms the foundation of Top-Up. On top of an old concrete reel for transatlantic cables from the PTT is  a wooden supporting structure with a lot of glass and very generous outdoor spaces (minimum 29 m2). The apartments have a clear height of 3 meters.

Three apartments on the water

The three still available  apartments of 149 m2 each have recently been completed. Ales is spic and span. It is all light and sight with the orientation on the sun and water sides. Light comes in early in the morning and continues into the evening. The apartments not only have a free height of no less than three meters, but also a beautiful, visible wooden supporting structure with an industrial,  concrete ceiling, floor-to-ceiling windows and at least 29 m2 of outdoor space. The outdoor area is provided with sun all day long and is accessible from the living room through no fewer than four huge sliding doors.

The layouts - designed by the architect Tom Frantzen – are paragons of comfort and luxury. And of openness.

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