Only one house left, a maisonette with garden and balcony of approximately 116 m2!

An apartment building with a wooden facade, glass greenhouses and staggered windows, balconies and loggias. Mooijburg Waterzicht on Center Island in Amsterdam will be a striking apartment building in which you can live as you wish. The project is being developed in co-commissioning with the future residents. Together you determine the facade image, the outdoor areas and the common areas. You also have influence on the layout of your own home.

Mooijburg Waterzicht will be realized on the south side of the Center Island, facing the sun and with a full view of the water. Behind the fascinating facade, Waterzicht offers different types of homes: from comfortable maisonettes, from living/work homes with a deck garden to fantastic penthouses. Many homes offer the option of combining living and working (with a separate entrance) or you can also live there 100%. The living area of the still available house is approximately 116 m2. The house has a garden and a balcony. The price indication is € 570,200 (von). This is a target price for the basic package based on annual canon payment.

Have a house built the way you want it, but without the costs associated with building it yourself? So without having to pay the pre-financing yourself and leaving the process to the professionals? If that appeals to you, Co-Commissionership might be something for you. You work together with the development combination Natrufied-DGV Group, a partnership of a sustainable architect and sustainable developer who have earned their spurs in sustainable housing construction both in the Netherlands and abroad. This means that it will be an energy-supplying, rainproof, climate-adaptive, nature-inclusive building in which a healthy indoor climate is very important. Natrufied and DGV Group are happy to work with you as a future owner and resident to create what is really needed.