All homes at Mooijburg Plein have been sold!

Centrumeiland is part of the IJburg Amsterdam archipelago. About 1,300 homes with a sustainable character will be built on Centrumeiland. There will also be various facilities such as schools and other public facilities. Centrumeiland is the link to Strandeiland, the ultimate ‘city heart’ van IJburg, with  shopping facilities and the large city beach, overlooking the IJmeer. Centrumeiland will have an urban living environment with an intimate indoor environment. The building blocks are staggered with respect to each other and vary in size. This creates squares, green spaces and short narrow streets.

An apartment building with a wooden facade, gardens, balconies and loggias. Mooijburg Square on Center Island in Amsterdam-IJburg will be a striking apartment building in which you can live as you wish. The project is being developed in co-commissioning with the total of 15 future residents. Together you determine the facade image, the outdoor areas and the common areas. You also have influence on the layout of your own home.

Mooijburg Plein will be realized in the middle of the island, on plot 12.06, next to a park and oriented towards the sun. Behind the fascinating facade, Plein offers different types of housing: from compact apartments, beautiful corner houses and a largest city house.