The IJlanders
live on the IJ
Live the way you want...
Always wanted to live on a unique island in the city? In a house that you co-designed yourself? That is now possible! A CPO process has started on lot 13 of Centrumeiland in IJburg. Here we are building a special residential building based on Collective Private Commissioning (CPO). Our CPO project gives you the space to give your home your own interpretation, within the collective shell. The CPO design also ensures that you know all your new neighbors before you live there, so that you feel at home at De IJlanders the first time you turn the key! a fantastic location on the IJ?
The De IJlanders residential building is located in the beautiful watery surroundings of the IJmeer nature reserve. With that you have the water right at your doorstep! The houses of De IJlanders are characteristic, sustainable, energy-neutral and ready for the future. And that on Centrumeiland, the self-build island of Amsterdam. Here, the residents all contribute to the appearance of the district.
Different homes: something for everyone
At De IJlanders you can choose from ground-level homes with a garden, studios or sturdy city homes with a view over the water. A total of eight high-quality homes with generous outdoor spaces will be built in the two building blocks. Various types of homes are offered within the building block. For example, ground-level homes with a garden are being made, but also three- and four-storey town homes with a terrace and a view of the water. A compact studio is also possible. In addition, all homes are located on a spacious, communal courtyard. The choice is yours!

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