Project IJ UP - CPO Centrumeiland

Individual freedom of choice, creativity and sustainability. Those are the keywords of IJ UP. A striking project in a beautiful location on the Center Island. Partly on the water and with a view of the park on the new Pierre Laufferstraat.
City house


From € 290,079 to € 582,692 v.o.n.


Upstairs apartment

From € 299,000 to € 324,753 v.o.n.

living 63 to 70 m² living
number of rooms 2 rooms

And the construction of IJ UP will start this year, in 2023!

IJ UP's 'business card' is formed by a spacious entrance, a space with lots of natural light that provides a visual connection with the inner garden. It is surrounded by 17 homes, which vary in size and shape, precisely because everyone has different housing needs.
The complex will include a parking garage with a limited number of spaces, all of which have already been allocated. The communal bicycle shed offers five bicycle spaces per home and there is also room for scooters and cargo bikes. The Sharing Center will also be located on Centrumeiland, where it will be possible to share electric cars, e-bikes, cargo bikes & e-scooters on a non-profit basis 56 to 124 m2. These are townhouses and apartments. Can be divided entirely according to your own wishes.
The building will be equipped with a WKO installation with a heat pump for heating and cooling. PV/PvT panels will be installed, windows will be fitted with triple glazing and all homes will have underfloor heating and ventilation.

Freedom of choice and creativity
IJ UP is being built on lot 13-08, located on the corner of the block and on the southeast side of Centrumeiland. IJ Up will be a beautiful complex, consisting of 17 apartments and town houses. And each home can be individually designed. Each house has its own outdoor space, but there will also be a communal courtyard for the residents.

In addition to being a contemporary and modern residential complex, IJ UP will also be a sustainable building. The starting point is high-quality urban architecture with a focus on nature-inclusive construction.
The aim is to build efficiently, compactly and smartly, using - where possible - recycled materials. When new material is used, it is biobased, so that CO2 emissions from the building materials remain limited. Prefabricated materials and building elements are also used as much as possible.

Rainproof and nature-inclusive
For the collection of water, the roof is designed as a polder roof with intensive green vegetation and sedum. The green roofs, climbing plants and water storage also provide cooling and therefore contribute to a more pleasant urban microclimate.
In addition, the construction group, in collaboration with an ecologist, is committed to a nature-inclusive and ecological building. This is achieved by implementing small ecosystems, such as a bee hotel and nest boxes for house sparrows and other birds.

Collective Private Commissioning (CPO)
Building your own home, for many people it is a dream, and for many people it will remain a dream. While there are really creative ways to build your own home cheaper.
One of these is CPO bouw, which stands for collective private commissioning. You develop a housing project together with a group of people (your future neighbours) who also want to build a house. There is therefore no project developer involved, which saves costs. As a CPO group, you therefore work together with the architect and you also purchase jointly. With this form of building you can save a lot of money because you build at cost price. So you pay exactly what the house costs! The construction group itself is very diverse and thus reflects the multicultural, international heterogeneous city of Amsterdam.

Sale prices
The purchase prices v.o.n. for the available homes range from € 290,079 to € 582,692. The prices given here are the prices for a house that is completely finished on the basis of a standard finish. The houses are equipped with the necessary installations, connections, kitchen, bathroom, sanitary facilities and their own heating system. Together with the contractor, you can adjust the standard finish to your own preferences in terms of materials, sanitary facilities, etc.
The prices are based on an annual index canon (perpetual leasehold), which also includes the possibility to buy off the canon in perpetuity. Unfortunately, parking is no longer available, but the previously mentioned Het Deelcentrum offers good alternatives.
Let us know if you are interested in participating in CPO IJ Up. We are happy to tell you more.

The sales information has been compiled with great care, but we cannot guarantee the correctness of the content and therefore no rights can be derived from it. The content is purely informative and should not be considered an offer. Where content, surfaces or dimensions are mentioned, these should be regarded as indicative and approximate. As a buyer, you must conduct your own research into matters that are important to you. In this context, we recommend that you engage your own NVM estate agent.